PyLadies Dublin @ ICS

A wonderful evening walk up Baggot Street towards Ballsbridge for a PyLadies Dublin meetup at the Irish Computer Society who kindly hosted the event on Tuesday. They also fed and watered us.

We had a couple of new faces, people settled down learning Python via Code Academy or Learn Python the Hard Way (the latter I should have asked to add a /book at the end of Word of warning to those visiting LPTHW, don’t be put off the main page, the free HTML online book is fine.

Other projects worked on were working through NTLK, learning about Django. I pretty much was working on updating the site. There was plans to work on the Lilypad, but I left the mini-USB cable at home. /doh

Here’s the July notes on Hackpad.

ICS has kindly posted about our event.

Our next FREE meetup will be coinciding with Craft Night at TOG hackerspace. Details:

It can be as crafty or not crafty as you want. Mix it up with electronics, knitting, crocheting, or just code. I’m looking forward to next month.


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