PyLadies Dublin at Kitman Labs

Kitman Labs Dublin Startup Commissioner Startup Fund

Big thanks to people who came along to PyLadies Dublin meetup at Kitman Labs yesterday evening, even with the mild sunny weather outside. A huge thanks to Dublin Startup Commissioner for funding the yummy platters of sandwiches and bowls of salad from KC Peaches.

The food was really amazing, this is a snap of the wrap I had with my salads, total NomNoms.

Aside from that, I wanted to update my Coding Grace website to make the admin panel look nicer so other people can use it. On my local dev machine, I initially added django-material thinking that if I just load the admin side of things, it wouldn’t affect the front end of my side, well… it did. It broke some of the layouts just on the front page alone. Mick suggested django-grapelli instead and it does not break my main site’s layout and the admin panel does look a bit nicer. Not what I hoped, but apparently the best I could get especially if it’s functional and not breaking anything else (and implemented a lot better).

I have huge gaps between looking at my site, so I rely on the README that I wrote up and updated last time, and thank goodness the instructions are still good. *phew

Bumping Django 1.7 to 1.8.4 was a major thing, and modifying one item in a model didn’t help breaking stuff when I tried to run the app. Migration didn’t really work well, and thanks to Mick (who was grumbling about contenttypes), he found a fix from stackoverflow.

The fun part was deployment (isn’t it always). This didn’t happen last time, but the buildpacks order has been changed, and node was moved up before Python and so Heroku was picking my app up as node instead of Python, all errors (not really that hilarious or interesting) ensued. So fixing it was to use a custom buildpacks and tell it that it’s a Python app. So I continue to deploy again and came across a warning message to upgrade to the latest ceder-14 by November. Good thing I was looking at the site or else things would be have been pre-tty interesting in few months time. Yet another lot of fun, slightly straight forward but never done it before so I had Mick looking over my shoulder as I typed and hit that RETURN key and hope it all works (with him reminding me that I can rollback).

So my site is still up, and the admin panel works and doesn’t return the dreaded 500 error anymore. That’s my couple of hours work (aside from chatting away, eating, making tea). It was productive and glad I did it, although Mick is pointing me to use Squarespace and make a game if I want to code. That’s for another time to write about. ;-)

Here’s the Hackpad on what people were doing as well as other info:

Next PyLadies Dublin will be joining up with CraftNight@TOG #

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Financial Aid #

HybridConf 2015 (Dublin) #

Django Under the Hood Financial Aid (Deadline Aug 21st) #

PyCon Ireland Financial Aid (Deadline Aug 31st) #

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BLT Hackathon #

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