PyLadies Dublin @ Wayra

Last night was great fun, and big thanks to Beautifeye for sponsoring the pizzas (of which there were a lot left over), and arranging the meetup venue at Wayra Ireland.

Thanks to everyone who came along, you can find a list of some of the folks who made it yesterday at

I found some great slides on 20 cool things you can do with Python, they are by Audrey Roy, co-author of Two Scoops of Django (they are working on the latest edition for Django version 1.8 at the moment).

We didn’t step through the DjangoGirls tutorial together as myself, Nadja and Mick were helping people setting up their machines, and doing some basic Python, but we have people working through it, or their own projects, or charging their laptops and chatting, which is good as well. :-)

Ariane has offered to talk about either databases or non-abstract large system design at our next meetup on Tuesday May 19th, which will be held at Bank of Ireland’s Innovation Centre beside the Bord Gáis Theatre.

There were two announcements I forgot to mention last night:

Big Data Week (Balfast) - Conference #

HybridConf 2015 (Dublin) #

I have listed more events at our collaborative hackpad:


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