PyLadies Dublin & TCD’s International Women’s Week @ Science Gallery

It’s International Women’s Week, with International Women’s Day on March 8th. A big thanks to everyone who showed up this cold evening. :-)

PyLadies Dublin were kindly invited by Luke to be part of TCD’s International Women’s Week, and was hosted by Science Gallery Dublin.

After getting set up, white board markers at a ready with their awesome huge whiteboard wall, we proceeded to start going through Django Girl’s introduction to Django. Since folks have Python installed on their machine and have their editor of choice, we skipped to Chapter 7. Nadja was our mentor leading the workshop (and by default as she hooked up her laptop to the projector :-)).

In Chapter 7, when setting up virtualenvironment, create a folder to contain all your virtualenvs so you have have it all in one place so they are easy to find, e.g. Put all your virtualenvs you create in ~/.virtualenv/

You can then just source ~/.virtualenv/myenv/bin/activate .

Have your Django project created in a place you can easily locate, like e.g. ~/Documents/.

Keeping these separate will help keep things tidy.
NOTE: This is how I do it, if you have another best practice way of doing it, please share on our hackpad.

A few people have Windows as their dev environment, since I’m develop mainly on the Mac, I keep forgetting CLI commands for Windows, but handily enough I have slides from my Coding Grace Intro to CLI workshop. I hope this helps folks as a reference point.

The whiteboard was very handy for us to write references down (I should have taken some pics, but they weren’t very interesting to look at though… I will next time).

Next month, thanks to Nadja, Wayra will be hosting us next month. See for more information.

We wrapped up with me showing everyone events that are happening this month that are of interest via our hackpad. I’ve picked some out for this post as follows:-

Python-related #

Python Ireland Meetup #

EuroPython 2015 (Bilbao) #

Diversity-related #

Geek Girls Carrots Ireland #

Ireland Girl Geek Dinners #

Codess Dublin #

Hack for Equality #

GDG Dublin Women’s Techmaker event #

Django Girls Cardiff #

Silicon Republic - INSPIRE 2015(*) #

(*) Vicky Twomey-Lee and Michael Twomey are running an intro to Python workshop at INSPIRE 2015 and might need a couple of mentors depending on the numbers. If you are interested in helping, email

General #

3Dcamp Dublin Show & Tell #


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