Peers - more people who inspire me

My previous article ended up listing out women who inspired me, well, I’m continuing with another write-up on more peers who are just as awesome and inspirational. Here we go..

By the way, here’s the 90sec interview with me that got the ball rolling on thinking about who my peers are (it’s ultra-cheesy, apologies in advance):

This post has been in draft for quite some time, and since then I have attended this 2-day festival conference called Inspirefest 2015 hosted by Silicon Republic, and I was blown away from all the great speakers and one that really got to me was Brianna Wu, I just wanted to run up on stage and hug her. Check out the video:

And I do hope all this would be forgotten and Brianna gets to talk more about what she does in the industry and def moar tech talk!

I met Dr. Sue Black of #TechMums, you can get highlights of her at Inspirefest here.

And I also met Kimberly Bryant of Black Girls Code, it was actually before Inspirefest and was at an event at Science Gallery.

If it wasn’t for the awesome Naomi Freeman to give me courage to talk to Dr. Sue Black and Kimberly Bryant during the coffee break at the Science Gallery event, I wouldn’t have been able to approach them like that at Inspirefest the following days. I’m kinda shy like that. You can also find highlights of her at Inspirefest here

I know I have missed out on people, and I will end up building a list for part 3 blog post about moar peers, and I will try and keep it local as possible.


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